Ellen Yeomans
I've been making art, one way or another, all my life; sold my first piece for a nickel when I was about seven.

For the past decade or so, landscape painting has been my main artistic focus. I paint outdoors, on location, usually early in the morning. The day is young and my eyes are fresh; the light is low and new, the air is lovely, and my brain hasn't yet had time to fill up with words. Painting local spots that interest/move me is deeply satisfying and I am grateful that I have this way of being in the world and responding to it.

I paint with oils on gessoed hardboard panels. My day job ( my husband and I are self-employed furniture conservators) provides me with the wherewithal to do my own framing, so I can indulge my liking for unuasual sizes and proportions.

Contact Ellen at (805) 962-5619 or visit her website at ellenyeomanslandscapes.blogspot.com


Mesa Dawn

Midsummer Still Life


Eucalyptus Bluff

Summer's End

Pacific Dawn